Decorative Panels And Soundproofing For Home

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A series of decorative panels for the home, unable to make eye-catching walls anonymous, combining the practical functional aspect of sound absorption.

The news are always around the corner.

And in the construction field developments are even faster.

Some time ago we talked about the felt and its many applications in the domestic, as decoration and at the same time as acoustic insulation. But in reality there are many solutions that combine sound-absorbing function in the decorative. Also Look at my home decor ideas for more information.

A first step, in the field of decoration, which combines the creative aspect, the insulating capabilities, is Ego, an application for any wall surface. Launched from H2art, is constituted by a technical fabric filter Treaty. The product is able, according to reports by the Company to cover the wall bracket you choose, without altering the technical characteristics, leaving them unaffected, especially in terms of diffusion of water vapor. Why it is particularly indicated in the case of buildings of historical or artistic interest.

Breathable and integrated with any type of plaster, coating, paint, glaze, decoration or finishing Ego can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, which makes it particularly versatile. Additionally, the company provides a valuable support by providing free design software. accessing the dedicated website, in fact, the company offers the possibility to use free of charge online software for the design of the decoration, which enables customers, starting from a digital photo of the environment to decorate, to create various solutions implementable.

Same philosophy for products Panespol, or the company founded in 2002 with the mission tomanufacture a high-value product decorative, as well as offering lightness and resistance, even if perfectly insulating. The product in question is a decorative thermal insulation for roofs and attics, according to the CDP (Construction Products Directive) is classified com and system construction.

It is a panel with milling fir for mating male / female for easy mounting in a variety of exterior finishes available, but characterized by an inner EPS foam insulating materialwith low thermal conductivity of thegraphite.

A product of a very successful, since at the time Panespol is the market leader in polyurethane panels and that its products are available in over 450 stores, including chainLeroy Merlin.

For a company established so it is important to continue to innovate in this constesto also ranks its new patent, which is a sound-absorbing panel made ​​entirely of non-toxic and flame retardant, suitable for outdoor use.

Among the advantages that these products provide, there are a great absorbing power, able to absorb uniformly the frequencies and, consequently, increase the ease of communication in the premises.

In addition, this action is combined with the insulating function, which makes them popular also in the process of restructuring and classification efficiency.

Also interesting is the proposal Noeco, which focuses on the front sound-absorbing, but also develops a wide range of decorations.

The farm produces sound-absorbing panels that combine design research and design, always with a careful study of the materials that ensures high performance.

With regard to design products go well in all environments, thanks to a precise interpretation of the main trends in the field of interiors, as evidenced by the extensive catalog, available for download directly dl site. Noeco for Italy also distributes the work of Emilio Rivera, a designer originally from San Sebastian de la Gomera who likes to reinterpret graphically the 70s, with style, color and design. Solutions colorful, geometric and AC, able to unite, in addition to the functional acoustic, also an important decorative function, can also personalize the wall more anonymous.

On a technical level, each panel is made ​​from a composite textile that, thanks to its particular conformation, is able to solve the problems of rumble in medium size, functional thanks to supports of standard sizes from relatively low weight (2, 5 kg per square meter). All information are take from home improvement nation.

Same function for Ecophon Master Solo, which is a sound-absorbing element from the decidedly minimal, which prefers a horizontal layout. It is a panel product in various formats (or 2400x1200x40 1200x1200x40 mm), made ​​of glass wool with high density surface coating in Akutex FT. The panel provides a high sound absorption and has a weight quite content (6kg for the smaller size 11 for the larger one) as well as a wide range of solutions for both chromatic and structural.

home decor

Finally, one of the last in terms of time, is Quartz, designed by Joel Karlsson Tjader Krook & Design right in 2011.

Quartz is a rectangular panel, sound absorbent, made ​​of felt and fiber available on the market in three different lengths: small, 320 mm, medium, and large as 480 mm, 640 mm, with felts from 56 mm thick and 160 mm in width.

The inspiration comes from clasici parquet floors, games of joints and combinations, created using only a few simple forms. Quartz has a range of four colors: black, off white, champagne, and dark red.

Quartz may be fixed to the wall in various ways: with or felt elements fixed by the use of adhesive tape, or like elements, mounted on a panel and then screwed to the wall. In this way it is just a matter of creativity and imagination, everyone can lay it all as he will: to brick, rain, herringbone, or diagonally.

Quartz is also available in an elegant screen version suspended, wherein the sound absorbing felt is distributed and inserted on both sides.

The installation, we have seen, is simple. Quartz can thus be placed in an environment in which it must be muffled sound level or, if space is much, by reducing areas in smaller portions.