Home Decoration – Tips I Used To Decorate My Home

With Peter, it’s been months since we talking about it almost: our new furniture, our new design. This summer we will do some work in the house, the most important of all, a little insulation, electricity and installation of completely new tiles. We will completely redo the bathroom with installation of wall tiles and paint …

And so we are full search of the decoration of the rest of the house, this time it was our first real furniture purchased all but the first prize, it does not last long, Peter cracked for ages on limed wood furniture … I ended up cracking as … A quick overview on the “retail” decorating living room & side …

With modular furniture, you take advantage of all spaces, including the space under your stairs. A small wardrobe, a few cubes wooden storage or mini shoe cabinet, and voila! Comptoir de Famille features such as rustic furniture designs in shoes that slip perfectly into your unused corners. Dwane ‘s House will hep you know more about home decoration
And angles that you believe convicted test furniture angles, a solution that is both useful and aesthetic. They can also serve as separation. It only remains for you to select the color and material you need!
On the walls, hanging with son nylon or steel tablards wooden shelves accommodate magazines, books and other decorative items without taking the floor space. Another option, more informal and playful cubes stacked wood and combined to infinity. Let your creativity and assemble them to your liking for a functional home decor and personalized.


Branch office … Need a place to quietly read your mail, put your papers and place your calls? Vote for the Secretary wall!
Furniture flap meanwhile become almost invisible when not in use, while the furniture on wheels can be dragged from one room to another.
With tables flap attached to the wall or with wings, you have plenty of space to move easily in your kitchen and enjoy meals. Wood or melamine, the choice is yours!
If your kitchen is small, the carts with drawers and shelves will give you more space to keep your utensils. Juxtaposed to the table or worktop, they allow you to free up space.

Our room is in the red and white colors, we love the color and started to put it in the rest of the house, I finally got tired of it before it is finished and “so much”, it be satisfied with this color for our room only!
For the show, we share in more natural colors and materials, brown, taupe, white, linen, and a touch of green, I want to green but I do not know quite where it eventually …

I like different styles so it was hard to limit myself to one thing, Peter sliced ​​and I followed. I’m also thinking of for “large room” Alice and my ideas fuse as well!

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